Thursday, 29 August 2013

Joint Intelligence Committee

The rush to attack Syria has been slowed down somewhat by the massive antipathy towards such an attack. 

Having made themselves look like men with little willies, the PM and Foreign Secretary are scrabbling around trying to find something, anything, to justify their warmongering. Their latest wheeze is to publish the ‘thinking’ of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC).

Would this be the same JIC who published the ‘dodgy dossier’ prior to the attack on Iraq?

It would.

Would this be the same JIC who produced the risible 45 minute attack claim used by Blair to swing the Iraq vote in the Commons?

It would.

Would this be the same JIC who defended their position even when their claims were exposed as being predominantly lifted from the Internet?

It would.

Would this be the same JIC who appear to have got away scot free with their dissembling,  masquerading as a bona fide body? 

It would.

So why should anyone give any credence to anything this bunch of servile toadies churn out?


Before we get embroiled in any further disasters perhaps we should learn from the Chilcott Report into the Iraq fiasco....

Oh, sorry! We cannot because it has not been published yet.

Why is that?

Because the Cabinet Office are reluctant to hand over relevant documents to the Inquiry.

Why should any sentient human being therefore trust a word these slippery slimy cretins say?

They shouldn’t.

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