Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Royal Panda

Any chance of the Great British Media following up what happened to Miranda and the Snowden revelations fades into the ether when there is the possibility of a baby Panda at Edinburgh Zoo. 

Chuck in the ‘will he – wont he?’  Rooney saga;  and pics (with accompanying mock outrage) of Ms Cirus gyrating in her skimpies and you have the perfect tableau of garbage to keep the public ignorant. Bread and circuses. 

Despite all of the best efforts of our elite to control the media away from the news that we are being spied on in an industrial scale, there is hope that elsewhere in the world folk are waking up to what has been going on. The ripples from the United States, Germany and other European states will wash up on our shores.

In the meantime there is one little ray of sunshine about the Panda story. If there is a successful birth it will mean there are three times more Pandas in Scotland than Tory MPs. 

Then there is the small matter of how our MPs are going to vote on Thursday.....

Naah – what about the Panda?

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