Thursday, 29 August 2013

Little Willy Hague

What a week it has been for the former superstar of the Tory party. Ever since the horrendous events in Syria, little Willy has been all over the media banging a massive war drum. So loudly has he banged his drum that he has not been able to hear what began as murmurings, which then became louder and quickly grew into a roar of disagreement and disapproval. He appears to have convinced his leader that everything was hunky dory. Blithely they assumed that joining in on America’s coat-tails to attack Syria was a done deal. 

The events of the last 24 hours have shown just how out of touch and out of time this pair of reprobates are.

Watching the Parliamentary debate, one backbench Tory MP after another expressed the doubts and reservations they have been bombarded with from their constituents. They sought assurances from the leadership, but a piss-poor performance from Clegg, who summed up the debate without answering one of the many reservations raised, undoubtedly did not help the government’s cause. 

For some jingoistic Tories, the Labour party were reprehensible to the point of even being accused of aiding Assad - including egregious Defence Secretary Hammond - who did himself little favour. For these armchair warriors, it is very easy to condemn innocent people to death to satisfy their yearning for days of yore when we once had an Empaah. The reality of being a small north-European state who still spend far too much on arms and the military seems to be well beyond their ken. 

Watching the debate it was clear that so many Tory backbenchers were deeply unhappy at the position they were in. Dave and little Willy have slipped some way down the greasy pole. In the Lords, a slimy war-monger had this little contribution. Michael (‘something of the night’) Howard made the astonishing claim that, ‘Should the Americans and the French launch attacks on the Assad regime over the week-end, it will be to our eternal shame that we were not attacking too.’ Yet again he did not make it clear that he works for a security company. There is nothing the security industry like better than yet more reasons to make more cash. The man is beneath contempt. 

The flag of peace is flying over Portnahaven. It does not mean that war criminals like Assad should have a free rein. As soon as he or his henchmen set foot anywhere outside Syria, they should be arrested and bundled off to the war crimes court. It would help enormously if our own war criminal - one Tony Blair - were to be hauled up before the International Court in the Hague. 

Now that would send a message to despots and tyrants everywhere. 

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