Sunday, 18 August 2013

Public Rip-Off

Yet more revelations about the way our elite operate. 

Whitehall departments are picking up the tax bills for perks such as official cars, first-class rail travel and rent-free accommodation.
The arrangements, which were described by tax advisers as “highly unusual”, were made between government departments and the taxman as part of a deal agreed more than a decade ago.
The effect of the deal is to increase the value of officials’ pay packages by up to £30,000 a year at the expense of taxpayers.
Those who benefited from the scheme include Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary; Sir David Nicholson, the head of NHS England; and Phillippa Williamson, the former head of the Serious Fraud Office.Telegraph 18/8/13

Compared to the vast sums hidden abroad in offshore accounts these amounts are quite small beer really. Even so they are symptomatic of a malaise at the heart of our political system. People are justifiably angry.  

A couple of months ago, Jeremy Heywood said it would take at least another 20 years, to bring down Britain's debt.
Now we know why.
It's because politicians like him, are taking money from the tax payer, from people working hard everyday, to line their own pockets. He didn't stop there though. He called for Four More Years of "Austerity" and more welfare cuts, and they expect the public to work longer, and harder, to pay for the lifestyles of a Corrupt Government, and Corrupt Politicians.
Austerity for the poor, money taken from hard working tax payers, and redistributed into the pockets of crony capitalist MP's, who are living off the sweat, and suffering of others.
Now we know the public, are paying the taxes, of a former senior fraud officer. Looks like she learned all the tricks of the trade then.
This country is drowning in a sea of corruption and greed that has flooded the corridors of government, and the institutions that are supposed to work for the people.” T
elegraph commentator JohnBlake1824

OK - so when are we going to get off our knees and do something about it?

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