Saturday, 3 August 2013

Obama Nobel Prize disgrace

The news that NSA pays the UK government £100 million a year to help support the work of GCHQ passed with barely a flicker across the BBC radar. Today’s news that BT and Vodaphone routinely collaborate with GCHQ has similarly made little impact. 

The enormity of what is going on is being blithely ignored (suppressed by ‘D’ Notice?) by most of our media. Fortunately there are stirrings in other parts of the world which will mean the issue will not go away despite all of the best efforts of our security services, hereafter referred to as ‘the SS’.

There are moves in the States to rein in the buggers. Obama is rightly under great pressure. The disconnect between what he says and what he does has rarely been so clear. Guantanamo continues to resonate with decent people. The appalling treatment of Bradley Manning and the hounding of Edward Snowden make Obama’s Peace Prize award even more risible. Mutterings about impeachment are beginning.

There is also a move gathering pace to petition the Nobel awarding body to have Obama’s award withdrawn. There is a correlated move to award the prize to Snowden for exposing the depth, breadth and duplicity of the security business.

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