Thursday, 19 May 2011

Be-suited, Barmy and Clueless

The BBC is a great national institution. It is still one of the best broadcasters in the world. It enjoys has a great deal of support and affection from the public. The fact that reporters from the BBC are frequently barred from the world’s trouble spots by despots and tyrants shows how influential an organisation it is.
So all in all it is a ‘good thing.’ Well, not quite. Over several years there has been a shift to a management culture which has promoted administration, bureaucracy and bullshit over effective programme making. They pay themselves vast salaries and then justify those salaries by issuing edicts and schemes which reveal their shallowness.
 An example from a report into the BBC by the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee reveals the vapidity of executive thinking. 
“The BBC opened itself up to "predictable ridicule" and lowered its reputation by hiring an executive from the US to oversee its Salford Quays move, an influential group of MPs has said. They claimed the use of Guy Bradshaw, whose home is in Kentucky, as the "migration manager" for the production move to the north of England lowered "the esteem of the BBC". Guardian Online 19/5/2011
The besuited fools in charge seem to think that Salford is in an alien country and expert help from overseas is required to organise the move. The first reaction of so many corporate clowns is to seek a consultant rather than utilise in-house talent. Why? Was there no-one on the staff of the Corporation who could do this? 
Lord Reith would not have approved.

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