Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Judge them by their actions - Chapter 40

Just as the media are concentrating all their quills on the Obama visit, the Tory party slip it out that Lord Cashcroft, the tax-avoiding peer and tory benefactor, has been given a job.
David Cameron has swept aside private objections from Nick Clegg to appoint Lord Ashcroft, the Tories' multimillionaire former treasurer, as the main adviser to a government review of Britain's military bases in Cyprus.” Guardian online 24/5/11
A controversial figure to say the least. He spent millions (unpaid taxes?) trying to influence marginal seats before the last election.
Now why would a tax-avoiding multi-millionaire want to support the tories? What on earth is in it for him?
And why do the tories not recognise his toxicity? Or do they not care what citizens think?
Peas from the same pod anyone?
Watch out for the sale of bases somewhere down the line......

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