Sunday, 15 May 2011


It is disrespectful to the FA Cup Final to have other games played on the same day.  For the first time in its history. For the first time ever. Thank you, you greedy, greedy arrogant bastards who run the Premiership. Thank you to the inept and pathetic FA for continuing to be so craven and useless in the face of greedy nasty people. Anyone who really cares about the future of football should be concerned. It is a sign of the continuing diminution of the FA in the face of slick operators and the Murdoch empire. 
Why were 4 Premiership matches scheduled for lunchtime kick-offs prior to the start of the FA Cup? 
To suit Sky Sports. All the matches could easily have been played on the Sunday but that would have reduced Sky’s income.  
Mr Murdoch did not appear in his own paper’s ‘Rich List’ again this year. Fancy that! With all those phone-hacking payouts to come - he must need the money.

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