Friday, 6 May 2011

Teflon Tories

The whipping boys have taken the hit for their coalition partners. Voters have punished them for broken pledges and subservience to their Tory colleagues. 
Meanwhile the Teflon Tories continue to get away with it.
Which party cheered the announcement of cuts for the weak and vulnerable? [BWD}
Which party launched a massive programme to ‘reorganise’ aka privatise, the NHS despite claims in their manifesto that they would not do so? [BWD]
Which party continues to receive huge financial backing from financiers, hedge fund managers and bankers?
Which party promised to maintain the grant for 6th formers and then promptly scrapped it?
Which party accepted that Sure Start centres significantly helped poorer families then did  nothing to stop them being cut? [BWD]
Which party mobilised their chums in the media to spread lies and half-truths about AV? [“BWD”]
Which party has very close relationships with the Murdoch empire?
Which party stands to gain the most by maintaining first past the post?

Which party has a leader whose only 'proper' job was in PR and my, can't you tell?
Not sure? Need to phone a friend?
One thought is a comfort in these troubling times. Teflon wears off over time - especially if it is abused. So let the abuse begin.....! 
The great electorate will come to see the Tories for what they are.
And downright nasty. 
[BWD = “Babies Will Die” from the ‘No to AV’ campaign material]

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