Saturday, 28 May 2011

FIFA: Fit for F-All

Can it get any worse? Deeply corrupt, complacent and arrogant, FIFA continue to demonstrate just cause why they should be abolished or replaced. The ruling body is rotten to the core. At the last count ten of the twenty-two delegates are under investigation for bribery and corruption. Those are the ones we know about. Blatter has run the organisation as though it were his own personal fiefdom. He grants favours to sycophants and those who oppose him are swiftly removed. All the money flowing into FIFA from sponsors and television contracts disappears into a black hole. All it takes for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing. 
At what point will the spineless wonders known as the FA organise a revolt. It will be difficult but not impossible to create a breakaway outfit. It could run on transparent and competent lines. Sponsors who currently hold their noses while lavishing huge sums into FIFA’s coffers would jump ship. FIFA would wither and die. It would not be mourned.

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