Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Are there no depths to which these bastards will not sink?
A little article about the way statistics have been abused by this corrupt and self-serving government emerged today. Last weekend, the egregious Grayling and Green pandered to those of our society who like to blame foreigners for all our ills. The fact that 371,000 people who were foreign nationals were claiming benefits was seized upon by the rightwing press. The Daily Wail, the Scum and Torygraph pandered to their fascist readership with their rent-a-guff, ‘Coming over here taking our jobs, taking advantage of the welfare state, robbing us blind’ nonsense. The EDL need little persuasion to use such ‘facts’ to launch racist attacks. Grayling and Green know this. But they still went ahead and peddled the ‘foreigner taking advantage’ line. Bastards.

Now it emerges that the facts do not stack up. It seems that ‘foreigners’ are less likely to claim benefits than British born workers. That will not stop the racist attacks. As Goebels said, “If you are going to lie, then make it a big lie.”

‘Aliens’ (great word) are also more likely to be hardworking and contributing to our society. Unlike our ruling millionaire toffs who would not recognise hardship even if it reared up and bit them in the bum.

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  1. Well said Stuart!
    Our daughter works as a GP with asylum seekers in Salford and she tells us horrific tales of the appalling stuff most of them have had to put up with just to get out of the situations and countries from which they fled. They are traumatised sometimes so much that they won't have ECGs because it means electric wires to their chests and all that entails...The concept of "not working" means nothing them as they want to provide for their families. Then they are denigrated by the bastards in your article for just being here. What a welcome in a supposedly Christian country.
    As you rightly say, this crowd of government ministers and the redtop press are reviling these poor unfortunates who have no redress.I am so pleased the officials have been found out in their lies. At last some kind of truth is out.
    Now the snivelling Tories are to close the specialist centre in Salford which provided healthcare for asylum seekers; it's too expensive to run. They had translators, specialist nurses, psychiatry and staff who care so much for their plight that they had whip rounds for essentials like shoes in the winter and warm clothes which they aren't able to buy with the food tokens our society grudgingly hands out.