Saturday, 7 January 2012

 Lansley and private clinics
Listening to bc Lansley talking on Radio 4 about the shoddy breast implants was an insight into the mind of the man. bc was unhappy at the lack of co-operation from so many private clinics. They had been reluctant to divulge the extent of the problem and give details about how many breast implants they had done. bc thought this was not good. Doh!
Private medicine does not like spending money on admin or on righting wrongs. It all costs  cash. And cash is what they are all about.
As usual the NHS will end up picking up the bill to put matters right. 
bc will not let a few tough facts about private medicine spoil his plans to massively increase it in the NHS. Too many vested interests are relying on him to deliver.

bc = beneath contempt

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