Monday, 9 January 2012

Hoots Cameron
Today’s news about Westminster intervening in the little local difficulty that is Scotland has to be a diversion. But from what?
Is it the total failure to rein in excessive pay and bonuses for his mates in the City? Could be.
Is it the fact that folks are getting wise to his PR stunts and are starting to see through them, whether it is nurses, pay, the NHS or anything else which needs a good spin?
Is it to cover up his embarrassment at the arrant nonsense he guffed about ‘health and safety’ identifying himself as a direct descendent of the Gradgrinds and other mightily nasty pieces of victorian opprobrium? Hmm - like most tories , for whom a dangerous job is picking up wet change from a bar top, he hasn’t a clue.
Is it because of all the sabre rattling going on in the Gulf of Hormuz? The Americans are getting edgy and we must be by their sides ......mustn’t we? It is frighteningly possible.
Is it the news that DC’s hero the Reverend Blair, has seemingly skipped paying a large amount of wonga from his incredible (in every sense) earnings?
Is it to take the heat off the decision to go ahead with the high speed rail link through the heart of toryshire?
Is he too upset after seeing his heroine depicted as more than a little batty in a movie? If so he needs a reality check.
Or is he simply fed up that in the land of Caledonia the tories are toxic and is about to cut his losses? Surely not - what about his shooting ‘n fishin? Maybe he just cannot stand Alex Salmond.

Readers with more possibilities are welcome to throw them into the pot.

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