Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Miliband, Balls and the Cuts
Oh Dear! Why should any person of sound mind and of fair disposition support the political class that currently run the Labour party? Miliband and Balls could have made an excellent case to go after the estimated £125bn tax that is currently avoided by many famous companies, corporations and individuals. They could have stressed fairness and reined in the bankers and financiers who reward themselves with astronomical salaries and bonuses despite their appalling performance. They could have saved at least £25bn by scrapping Trident. They could have hammered home the fact that it is disgusting to expect the poorest to pay for the calamities of the wealthiest.
They did not do any of this. They marched onto the Tories front doorstep and said, “We agree with you.” They conceded in effect that the Tories were right to attack the poor, the weak and the vulnerable. Balls should have resigned months ago. Apart from being a bully involved in the dark arts of counter-briefing against his own colleagues, he was also proud of his ‘soft-touch’ regulatory regime which was a factor in the economic madness of the banking scandal. As for Miliband? He flounders and huffs and puffs but essentially he lacks the values and nous to connect with ordinary people. 
The LibDems are also in bed with this policy too so you will not get a gnats knacker between any of the three main parties. What a disgrace. What democracy?
Why any union contributes to this bunch of chancers and careerists masquerading as a political party beggars belief. 
The grave of Keir Hardy should have a generator attached to it to harness the energy currently being given off by its occupant. 

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  1. Oh dear! I would add the grave of my dad who would also be rotating like a whirling dervish now. Why, I wonder are the Labour party not taking up these opportunities? Is there a hidden agenda? No sign of it from my contacts in Scotland anyway. Loads of frustration......