Friday, 27 January 2012

RBS, Hester and the Government
Make loads of hardworking people redundant? Check.
Oversee a loss-making bank? Check. 
Run a company 81% owned by the taxpayer? Check.
See the share price plummet? Check.
Enjoy a salary in excess of £1million per year? Check.
Set in place rules which make it harder for small businesses to get a loan? Check.
Take home in 3 days what a soldier serving in Afghanistan earns in a year? Check.
Believe this to be right and proper as you risk being shown up as a greedy bastard or worse, not making as much moolah as your venal colleagues, whereas a squaddy could merely end up being dead, and where is the shame in that? Check.
Be given rewards for all the failures listed above as a bonus of nearly a million? Check.
Can’t believe your luck? Check.
Live in a parallel universe? Check.
Claim that you could earn much more in another bank somewhere else? Check.
Expose the Tory-led Government as a bunch of smug, arrogant, inept and hypocritical bastards? Check.
Show up Nick Clegg for being a piece of useless bloody offal drowning in shark-infested waters? Check.
Embarrass the hell out of New Labour for awarding a crazy contract? Check.
Shoot down any bollocks about us all being in this together? Check.
Annoy the hell out of any decent citizen of the UK? Checkety check check.
Run a coach and horses through any notion of fairness? Checkety checkety check.
Help prepare the ground making revolution that little bit more likely? Check.

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