Thursday, 12 January 2012

News Management or Pigs Might Fly
Lying in bed early this morning listening to the news, a little alarm bell began to ring. The BBC security correspondent (does he write in lemon juice?) let it be known that Scotland Yard and the Director of Public Prosecutions were going to issue an important statement later in the day. He then went on to say that ‘sources’ had let it be known that no-one from MI5 or MI6 was likely to be charged after a 3 year inquiry into torture. 
The alarm bell was right. The ‘statement’ confirmed that no-one would be charged because of insufficient evidence. However, to take minds off this lack of action there was the sop that the two Libyans who had been rendered back to Ghaddaffi in the days of Reverend Blair were having their cases thoroughly investigated as there was prima facie evidence that we had colluded with their ill-treatment and used subterfuge to get them back into the clutches of Mr Tony’s new best mate.  
This was not a new story. The information emerged as Libya changed hands. Documents were found, which if genuine, gave the lie to all the mealy-mouthed crap spouted by Milibean senior and (man of) Straw, not forgetting Blair. So why today to announce this ‘major investigation’? Why was this not begun three months ago?
It could not possibly be to take attention away from the lack of progress in the torture case could it? Insufficient evidence? You bet. Somebody, somewhere in spookdom knows the score. 
And as for this latest inquiry into rendition? Another three years then hoofed into the long grass. The investigation will turn up evidence of wrongdoing but be unable to pin anything on a secret minion. Another ‘important’ announcement will be timed to cover up the cover up.
Pigs Might Fly
They could surprise everyone by rounding up Blair, Straw, Milibean and the heads of MI5 and MI6, interviewing them under oath before whisking them off to the Hague. 
Even in the Pigs Might Fly category that scenario takes a lot of believing.

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