Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cash for Access - some more points.
Cruddas - the pariah - made his money ‘spread betting’ on the financial markets. He is a non-dom based in Monaco so he avoids paying much tax on his winnings. 
His comments about circumventing the financial rules should be of interest to the plod - or they would be if they had not had their fingers burned trying to get evidence from the bag of vipers involved in ‘Cash for Honours.’
Cameron did not show up in the Commons to face the music. This is the second time he has done this when his judgement has been found wanting (or corrupt depending upon your viewpoint...)The first time was the occasion was when his chosen communications chief Coulson resigned. This is the PM who praises our boys in Afghanistan for their courage...
He relied upon well known expenses cheat Maude to speak on his behalf. Not a good choice. There are many of us in this country who believe this man should have been charged - along with quite a few more. He has zero credibility.
Labour went from a four point lead to a seventeen point lead in two days.
Among the ‘guests’ have been property tycoons, financiers and his best mate. The best mate was appointed chairman by Cameron immediately after the election. His appointment has been described as a ‘crony chairman’ - by Tory activists and party workers! They are not impressed.
Eric Pickles was almost indignant when challenged on the World at One about today’s  planning reforms and whether they had anything to do with cosy chats over the consomme. Every policy they introduce from now on should undergo the ‘batman’ test: dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner dinner - fatcatman! 
Listening to a selection of Tory mouthpieces over 48 hours shows they really do live in a different world. They see nothing wrong with these ultra exclusive dinners. The thought of such access being unavailable to the remaining 99.9% of the electorate does not figure in their thinking. They think £50,000 is small change.
Coming after the Tory papers were unimpressed by the budget and with local council elections to come there are some big chickens clucking their way to the roost. The Tories are deeply toxic again. 
Steve Bell sums up the situation:

The last time they were in such bad odour with the electorate Thatcher went to war against Argentina. 
Watch this space.

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