Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Banging the NHS
‘No.10 reveals there was 'banging of desks' as Cabinet told NHS Bill set to become law. "It was cross party banging".’  Guardian Online 21/3/12
So that is it then? Are the Hooray-Henrys in the Cabinet home and dry? Not quite. If health care is seen to be better over the next couple of years then the Hoorays will have achieved their aim. If health care is seen to be worse then they will pay a big price at the next election.
Crucially, how will we know? Good question. The Tories have lied and lied again with their “No top down reorganisation” rhubarb. They will massage and cherrypick statistics to help their case using a compliant media to get their propaganda across. They are proven liars as are the power-crazed LibDems. 
There are some considerable hurdles to overcome. The budget for the health service will be at best static and may even be cut. Static is in effect a cut with an increasingly aging population and inflation rising. As each ward/hospital/clinic closes there will be a constant reminder that it was ‘the coalition wot dun it.’ Holding back the rapacious toe-rags who run private medical companies will not be easy. They are arrogant and loud. One or several will be caught on camera crowing about the cash trough now open to them. The Bill has been amended so much it is deeply flawed and incoherent.
The way the whole thing has been managed politically has been a disaster for the Tories and even more so for the LibDems. They have alienated millions of people. These citizens will not forget and will make their presence felt from now to the election. Be prepared for a very dirty and very angry campaign at the general election. Sacrificing the repugnant Lansley will do little to reduce the anger.
Cameron and his cronies can smugly perform their ‘Eton Thump’ on the desk of the Cabinet. They may well believe they are home and dry. But in the place where normal people have a heart they will be more than a little worried.
The electorate could give them a good thumping at the next election.
Here’s hoping the Hoorays rue the day.

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