Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wonga Government
The lid has been lifted on the feculent pit that is the Conservative Party. The way they make policy to suit the whim of their wealthy backers. Since the revelations in the Sunday Times there has been a renewed scrutiny of their policies. Typical is this report in the Independent.  
“Adrian Beecroft, a venture capitalist who has given £593,000 to the Conservatives since Mr Cameron became leader in 2005, recommended companies be allowed to sack unproductive workers at will. The businessman, whose interests include payday loans company, argued that "coasting" workers inhibit economic growth and deter employers from recruiting.
His report, submitted last autumn, remains shrouded in mystery. Unusually for a Government-ordered study, it has not been published. Downing Street is coy about who commissioned it. The driving force is believed to be Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron's strategy adviser, who is leaving No 10 in May.
Ministers believe the report has not been published as it is too sensitive. Ideas are said to include watering down maternity rights, which would have jeopardised Mr Cameron's goal of making Britain the most "family-friendly" country in Europe. Another official said: "His report was full of the Tory millionaires' philosophy that government should not interfere in anything."
Mr Beecroft's plan for "no fault dismissal" was taken up by Mr Cameron and George Osborne, the Chancellor. It would allow a company to fire unproductive workers without the right to claim unfair dismissal, but they would receive statutory redundancy pay.
He (Beecroft) conceded a "downside" of his main proposal is employers could be accused of firing staff they "did not like," but said: "While this is sad, I believe it is a price worth paying for all the benefits that would result from the change."
Good to know that Gradgrind is alive and well. 
Beecroft makes lots of money from poor people. He lends money to them in payday loans at very high interest rates. Such loans are banned in many countries including the US. In those countries he would be done for loan sharking. However, in our Tory Boy government he is given status and the opportunity to propagate his anti- worker claptrap.
As that well known Tory ‘MP’ Alan B’Stard told his dim mate Piers, “It is not about the money, I am simply very, very greedy.”
Wonga man would have sympathy with that.

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