Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mancis Fraude
Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Not been the best of weeks for the unconvicted expenses cheat has it?
First he was the chosen stooge to go onto the Today programme and defend the indefensible Tory fundraising dinners. He did not do well. Dismissing the issue as ‘having a few friends round for a kitchen supper’ revealed the depth of his lack of insight and just how out of touch these Toffs are.
Later that same day he stood in for Cowardy Cameron who would not face the Commons.
He did not do well. He tried to blame Labour and only mentioned the disgraceful allegations as an afterthought. Hoots of derision all round.
Yesterday he was a spokesperson put up against the tanker drivers strike. He did not do well. He came out with the astonishing idea that we should all get jerry cans and fill them up with fuel thereby maximising panic buying. He also managed to alienate and disgust the Fire Service as storing petrol is very dodgy. 
Today he had to come out and announce that his storage idea was not a good one. He did not do well. As an unconvicted expenses cheat he had zero credibility with rational beings before this week. His idea for storing petrol in cans makes you wonder if has a vested interest in either jerry cans or in a petrol company.

Not to mention the pasties.....Steve Bell sums up the sorry state of affairs. 
His week was bad - as bad as Cameron and Osborne’s. They are not only venal - they are also risible and for a politician, being laughed at is dangerous territory. 

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