Saturday, 31 March 2012

George Galloway - a flawed hero
He has been responsible for two of the more toe-curling cringeworthy events on t.v. in the last decade. Nonetheless he is still something special. In an age when politicians do not say what they mean and do not mean what they say, he shines out as beacon of clarity. His values are good and his assessment of what is wrong with our governance is usually spot on. He is also consistent, being a strong supporter of the Palestinians and anti-war. 
It comes to something when the official labour candidate at the Bradford West By-election would not appear on the same platform as him for fear of being shown up. 
His assessment that the astonishing result was a vote against all three main parties resonated with this voter. Recent events amplify his case.
The Tories? Where to begin?
Cash for Cameron with its its ‘Inquiry’ to be run by Conservative Lord Gold? You could not make it up. 
“Don’t Panic! Break out the Jerry cans?” Mancis Fraud has not had a good week. Good. He is an egregious bastard who should have been slung out years ago. The poor woman in York setting fire to herself will not have gone down well with the twinset and pearls brigade.
Pastygate? Osborne being briefed by Treasury Officials that a pasty was rather like a bigger version of boeff en croute...Or avoiding Sun journalists dressed as Marie Antoinette trying to give him pasties.
How about the NHS bill? The Tory party have had over 300 donations linked to private health care companies totalling £8.3 m over the last 11 years; and there are 141 Tory members of the House of Lords and 13 Tory MPs who have a financial interest in private health care. How dare you suggest they influenced policy?
The Labour Party? Who opened the door on privatising the NHS? Who also admitted they would have had a programme of severe cuts? Who were involved with ‘Cash for Honours?” And who entertain their wealthy backers at private dinners...?
Or the LibDems? With their craven acceptance of, and collusion with, the worst Tory excesses? Or their ‘little difficulty’ with Michael Brown the convicted fraudster and party donor?
All in it together? You bet they are. 
It would be terrific for our failing democracy if George’s message was taken up and a couple of hundred reforming radicals were elected at the next General Election throwing out the expenses cheats, the corrupt and the incompetent. They could then work to bring our governance into the 21st century. 
It will not be easy. The media - many of whom came from the same background and inhabit the same bubble as our political elite are already at work pointing up George’s errors and ignoring his message. 
“The status quo must prevail - no matter how corrupt or how crap - because it is our gravy train”

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