Thursday, 8 March 2012

Welcome to the wilderness
This is the fate awaiting the Liberal Democrats. They are on the cusp of disappearing up their own fundament. The current crop of bubble-dwellers masquerading as a political party are in the middle of jeopardising years and years of what was known as ‘dog shit politics.’ This was the way the party built its core support - tackling local issues within local councils. Thousands and thousands of hours spent leafletting, canvassing and building their strength and it is all being thrown away. And for what? To support the Tories. Fair enough if the policy had been in the Tory manifesto or even in the Coalition Agreement. But the so called NHS reform bill was not in either. 
So why are they doing this? Do they not realise they will be blamed more than the Tories? Their U-Turn on tuition fees established a reputation for electoral dishonesty. Supporting a dishonest policy that is not one of their own is crass in the extreme. We expect the Tories to be self-serving bastards on the NHS - we do not expect the Liberal Democrats to join them. If the LibDems withdraw their support the Bill dies. Continue to support it and they will be despised by all those who care for the concept of treatment dependent upon need and not money. And that is an awful lot of people. 
Nationally they had as few as 6 MPs in the 1950’s. They are heading back to that position. As they meet for their Spring Conference this weekend they should look around the hall and marvel at the numbers. Any conference they feel like holding after the next election will be held in a phone box. 
They cannot say they have not been warned. Many, many letters, emails and phone messages have been sent to MPs and local councillors. 
Their silent response has been deafening. 
“Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
Dylan Thomas  

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