Sunday, 24 June 2012

Braveheart or cravenheart?

It is in the detail that the clues emerge. ‘Wee ‘Eck’ Salmond is pushing hard for independence, painting a rosy picture of milk, honey and North Sea oil. His refusal to meet with the Dalai Llama last week did him no credit. He succumbed to the pressures put on by the Chinese bullies. He did this, we are led to believe, out of concern for Scottish jobs. Mmm, sounds familiar - ah yes - it was the same line he used to slide under the sheets with Murdoch.
A journalist who has studied the threats of the Chinese, suspects there is a formula applied to small countries who dare to meet with the non-violent spiritual leader, or otherwise upset the regime. Their exports are proscribed for twelve months. Scotland’s smoked salmon industry is currently benefitting because Norway awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to a Chines dissident, Liu Xiaobo. 
Even huge states sometimes adopt the pre-emptive diplomatic cringe towards China. Much to their shame. So perhaps it is not surprising that Salmond left his values at home. 
Not surprising  -  but very disappointing.

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