Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How Things Work (Volume 2)

  • Utilise public money from taxes to supplement poor wages - call these handouts ‘benefits’
  • Pay your workers the absolute minimum - make vast profits - thanks to tax payer’s subsidies.
  • Contribute regular large donations to the Tory Party to preserve the system.
  • Salt away vast profits generated by subsidised workers in offshore tax havens.
  • Contribute another load of cash to the Tory Party to preserve the system.
  • Claim even more taxpayers money to take on unemployed ‘job seekers.’
  • Lay off some of your subsidised workers and replace with ‘job seekers.’
  • Make even bigger profits.
  • Contribute some more to the Tory Party.
  • Applaud as a Tory Prime Minister launches an attack on those on ‘benefits’
  • Consider.........Isn’t life grand for the well, wealthy and well-connected?

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