Saturday, 16 June 2012

Is Murdoch a liar?

Do Popes shit in the wood and are bears catholic? As Rupe said at Leveson, on oath, “I have never tried to influence any Prime minister.” And he would know as he has had access to all of them from Thatcher onwards. 
People who claim that he used his malign influence to promote his empire thereby making even more vast sums of money using the threat of the muckraking talents at his disposal are simply bitter.  
John Major’s recollection of the way Murdoch threatened him with his papers if he did not change his policy on Europe is clearly wrong. 
Alistair Campbell’s revelation that Blair had a phone call from Murdoch three days before the Iraq War began is simply an attempt to flog his diaries.
The long denied secret meeting between Thatcher and Murdoch back in the eighties which just happened to steamroller Murdoch’s takeover of the Times and guaranteed Thatcher an easy ride with his papers is merely circumstantial.
For as the man himself said, “I have never tried to influence any Prime Minister.” And he was speaking on oath - so it must be true - mustn’t it?

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