Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jimmy Carr - what a star!

Thanks to investigative journalists at the Times, Jimmy has been exposed as a star turn tax avoider. His use of the K2 scheme meant he paid barely 1% income tax on estimated £3m earnings. As someone who has poured scorn on the rich and nasty he is getting quite a shoeing from the chatterati. 
Cameron has opened his gob before his brain and declared Carr to be ‘morally wrong.’ Oh - er! He is heading for ‘back to basics’ territory with this one. As someone who has consorted with alleged criminals, brought well-known tax avoiders into the heart of government, encouraged wealthy donors to gain ‘access for cash’ and has done sweet f.a. to rein in the bankers, he has a long l - o - n - g  way to go to gain the moral ground. Danny Alexander has had a similar brain by-pass when he weighed in too. He has  clearly forgotten his capital gains tax avoidance which emerged during the MPs expenses row. 
And as for the Daily Torygraph? Owned by tax-avoiding Barclay brothers in Jersey. The Guardian? Saving £30m a year by use of offshore tax arrangements. Or how about Vodaphone who lunched the tax chief and then were given years to pay the billions they owe? Or Goldman Sachs who did the same? Or the BBC employees who call themselves a private company and avoid paying taxes? Or the civil servants who do the same? And so on and so on.... 
Jimmy Carr has just tweeted that he made a big error in judgement and has opted out of the scheme. Do not hold your breath waiting for the other parasites to follow suit.

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