Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Rule of Law, Monarchy Showbiz and Lockerbie

We hear a lot from our politicians about the ‘Rule of Law’ and how vital it is. As the events unfolding at Leveson have revealed there is prima facie evidence of corruption in high places. The focus of the Inquiry has shifted onto the actions of our rulers. It has not been edifying. 
We are told by the commentariat that the Inquiry is not playing big down the Dog and Duck. This from the same commentariat who enjoy bubble-dwelling status. There are many of us appalled at the casual ease with which rules and regulations are subverted or ignored at the behest of a powerful family. Tom Watson had it right when he described NewsCorp as the Murdoch Mafia.  
Sadly this is not the only example. The Herald revealed on Friday that a document which could have cleared the Lockerbie bomber (Megrahi - who died last month) has been suppressed for years. “The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) team that investigated Megrahi's conviction discovered the existence of the document during their four-year investigation which concluded in 2007. Their 800-page report explains that their investigative team were allowed to access the document in Dumfries police station but they were prohibited from removing the notes they made on it and the document itself.
The commission was only able to access the document after signing up to a special agreement not to divulge the contents and was told by the Crown that "a conclusion was reached that the documents did not require to be disclosed in terms of the Crown's obligations".
The SCCRC then ruled that the contents were sufficiently disturbing for a court to have believed the conviction could have been a miscarriage of justice. The failure to disclose the document was one of the six grounds on which the case was referred back for a fresh appeal in 2007.
To date, only the Crown, UK Government and SCCRC team know the contents of this closely guarded document.”
In an associated leader the Herald reveals, “UK ministers signed a Public Interest Immunity (PII) certificate to prevent disclosure.” It seems this was signed in 2007 but does not specify who the Ministers were who would have been involved. The Blair government ended in June 2007 with the Brown regime taking over. Ministers changed posts or resigned with the change. This begs so many questions. Who signed what and why being amongst them. Why did they collude with a previous regimes cover up? For how much longer must we put up with ‘national security’ being used as a blanket to hide things under?
There has been not one peep of this shattering revelation in the national media. They are too busy covering the showbiz event of the year. The Romans used bread and circuses to control the masses. Our leaders use the Royal family. Many of the citizens (note, not subjects) of the UK apparently approve of a system where your worth and status as a person depends upon whose loins you came from.

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