Sunday, 9 October 2011

Stop the War Coalition:£12 Million a Day
That is what it is costing the UK to be involved in Afghanistan. This at a time when the financial sector is on the verge of meltdown. It is obscene and shaming for so much money to be spent in such a brutally futile way. The weak, poor and elderly in our society are paying the price for the vainglorious follies of Blair, Brown and now Cameron. Not forgetting the lives of over 300 troops and uncounted (shame) civilians in Afghanistan.
It is not just the financial cost which has now gone on for 10 years (“Over by Christmas” Jack Straw; “No shots will be fired in anger,” John Reid) it is the lies. As Hetty Blower said at the Stop The War Coalition rally in London yesterday, “I was nine years old in 1914 and when war was declared my father said ‘ Now the lies will begin.’ And so they did and have continued ever since.” For the hard of maths, Hetty is 106 and an inspirational human being.
The corrosion in public trust in governance is accelerated by the avarice of the elites who rule us. This mornings revelation that Fox’s ‘best mate’ was acting as a conduit for arms dealers comes as no surprise. ‘Off the record’ meetings and briefings, all seen as perfectly normal by the slimy Dr Fox. 
And let us never forget Tony Blair, so beloved by the Murdochs he became godfather to two little diggers on the banks of the River Jordan while dressed all in white....The same Reverend Blair who forced the Serious Fraud Office to drop their case into massive corruption at BAE and who just happen to be our biggest arms dealers. 
With costs of £12 million per day being paid by the taxpayers of the UK it is little wonder that our arms dealers are tucked up in bed with our rulers.
Heard for the first time at a protest, the chant ‘Revolution’ arose during the march down Whitehall. As our crisis deepens, it is a call that is likely to grow.
Now that would bring the troops home!

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