Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dr Fox ‘insinuations’
Throughout this developing scandal there has been an underlying rumble of hints and insinuations. Foxy Dr Fox has muttered about dark forces and smears. As each day unfolds the insinuations grow and are more overt.
For instance, The Sun has a story this morning about a burglary at Dr Fox’s apartment last year during the general election. There was a ‘young man’ staying at the flat who was not mentioned by Tory spinners when the news broke about the burglary, claiming Dr Fox was on his own at the time, as his wife was trapped in Hong Kong by the ash cloud. Dr Fox says he is ‘baffled’ by the omission as he has nothing to hide. He also added that the young man was not Werritty. but someone who he had a few drinks with. The insinuation behind all this is that Dr Fox is gay. He got married while he was embroiled in the Tory leadership race. There were suggestions made at the time that the marriage was a smokescreen to add respectability. Similar claims were made against William Hague.
It would explain why Werritty travelled all over the world to be at his side. It does not explain why Werritty handed out business cards describing himself as an advisor to Dr Fox. It does not explain why Werritty should claim his address in hotel registers as a Parliamentary one. It does not explain who paid for all these jaunts when the man himself is reported to have earned barely £20000. Estimates of air fares alone vary between £50,000 and £80,000. All the hotels were 5* and expensive. Nick Robinson on Today claimed that Dr Fox did not trust his civil servants and wanted a close confidant as a sounding board. Robinson thought Werritty was being paid for this role by a group of right wing supporters. Hmmm. Now why would they do that?
Afghanistan alone is costing UK taxpayers £12 million a day. The MOD has an appalling procurement record with waste and overspend on a colossal scale. All the murky rumblings about gay activities are as nothing when put alongside corruption. All the insinuations about Dr Fox's private life are as nothing when it comes to buying influence. 

The incredible ‘arrangement’ between Dr Fox and Werritty made corruption so much more straightforward. 

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