Saturday, 15 October 2011

The B’stard’s are back!
One of the features of the Fox affair has been the way the airwaves have been filled by the  rightwing of the Tory Party. Their qualities include an undimmed loyalty to ‘their’ man and the bottle to go to various studios to defend the indefensible. The line they have adopted remained largely consistent until Fox resigned. “He apologised, made mistakes, not a hanging offence, nothing untoward had gone on, effect on our brave boys, media storm, harrumph, harrumph.”
Once Fox resigned the tune shifted slightly. The media were clearly identified as being mainly responsible for the downfall of such an honourable man. These antediluvian creatures represent parts of southern England. They do not exist north of the Midlands. They have a sense of being robbed of their right to rule by the LibDems. The fact that the Tories did not win the last election has still not penetrated their heads of oak. They are a reminder of just how bad the Tories can be.
The admirably named Philip Bone appeared on Newsnight and matched his name. Despite massive concerns emerging about Werritty being funded by arms dealers, he stuck to the line with extra patriotism and honour thrown in. Real sick bag stuff. Facts, evidence and rational thought are as nothing to these knuckle-draggers. Even when Gus O’Donald brings out his  inevitably incriminatory report they will stick to their guns. 
As for Fox? A combination of arrogance, avarice and chutzpah could not prevent his downfall. As Michael Portillo said on ‘This Week,’ “How did he think this remarkable arrangement could go on unnoticed?” 

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