Monday, 10 October 2011

The Fantastic Dr Fox
Dr Fox has added yet another wriggly phrase to the lexicon of liars. By utilising a line from Blackadder he hopes to throw off the shackles of truth and fact with a cunning plan. “As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?” 
He apologised last night for, “Giving the impression of wrongdoing.” Savour that ‘impression of.’ It is quite delicious. Think of all the ne’er do wells, thieves and vagabonds who could have walked free from the clutches of the law with a simple, “Sorry your Honour, I apologise for giving the impression of breaking and entering.”
It joins a memorable list:
“Terminological inexactitude.” Winston Churchill using a euphemism for lying.
“Economical with the actualite.” Alan Clarke being interviewed in the Matrix Churchill inquiry.
“I did not have sex with that woman.” Bill Clinton talking about Monica Lewinski
“I misspoke.” George W Bush - several times
"Sword of truth and trusty shield of fair play". Jonathon Aitken v The Guardian
The last is apposite in the current hoo-hah. Tory slimeball Aitken was so confident that his skullduggery would not be found out he went on the attack only to be undone by a receipt proving he was a liar. When the case went to court he entered a guilty plea.
The airwaves have been full of tory chums lining up to tell us what an absolutely splendid chap Dr Fox is and now that he has apologised, all is well inside the political bubble. 
Aitken’s financial wrongdoings involved arms dealers and bribery and corruption. Fox’s best mate Wherrety has apparently been acting as a fixer putting arms dealers in touch with the fantastic Dr Fox in off the record briefings without any MOD officials being present. Hmmm. Can anyone spot the similarities?
The Oxford Thesaurus defines ‘Fantastic’ in addition to its usual usage as ‘unbelievable, incredible, implausible and nonsensical.’
The fantastic Dr Fox may convince  his bubble mates. He convinces no-one in the real world.

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