Friday, 28 October 2011

99%, 1% and 49%
We are the 99% who are paying for the greed, stupidity and arrogance of the 1%. Now we find that in these austere times the 1% have been paying each other 49% pay rises! Talk about two fingers to the lot of you. 
Listening to one typical fat cat attempting to justify his massive income on the Today programme was very frustrating. Would that we could reach into the radio and give him a slap. Or many, many slaps being as they are so thick-skinned they would not notice to begin with. Or a ‘Goodbye and Good Riddance’ card. 
Their argument is that they are sooooo talented they can whizz off around the world and will be welcomed with open arms........ Oh yeah. 
It is what they always say. Do not hold your breath waiting for millionaire Cameron, millionaire Clegg or millionaire Osborne to do anything. They are of the same stock.
The atmosphere in the UK would be a lot sweeter without these parasites.

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