Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Met: A law unto themselves?
In a democracy, the glue that binds the whole shebang together is the ‘Rule of Law.’ It is the cornerstone, the bastion, the spine. Without it there is either anarchy and chaos or the rule of the mighty who impose their will on their citizens by force and fear. The use of cruel and inhuman punishment is the norm, victims have no rights and the tyrants goons fear no reprisal or legal redress. The Rule of Law matters. 
That is why the revelation last night that an undercover policeman had lied on oath and broken defence privilege was staggering. The spy had infiltrated the ‘Retake the Streets’ campaign of the 90’s. Again, quite staggering to think a bunch of cyclists were a threat to civilisation as we know it. A criminal case of assault against a policeman (denied by the convicted activist) now stands as being false. It joins the 20+ activists wrongly charged and sentenced for occupying a power station in Nottingham.
Whoever was running this police spy or agent provocateur  has a lot to answer. Whoever was heading this particular farrago has a lot to answer. Unfortunately, the track record of the Met in coming clean about this and similar matters is worse than poor - it is crap. 
There is a role for undercover police working against crime syndicates and terrorist organisations. There is not a role in infiltrating peaceful protesters and civil disobeyers. That the plods in charge are unable to tell the difference is a concern. 
This latest revelation added to the other recent unmaskings is disturbing. It is a sinister move by a police force which acts as though it is above the law. It is disquieting in such troubled times for a law enforcement agency to actively undermine the Rule of Law. It needs to be added to the ever-lengthening list of sins committed by our 'premiere' force.
Heads should roll - and swiftly. Failing that, the Met should be disbanded and another force set up without all the corrupt, bent, fascist and dangerous officers. 

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