Sunday, 16 October 2011

Werretty, a can of worms. 
A rather large stone has been turned over. The Werretty affair has revealed a lot more than some powerful people wanted. Dragged into the daylight are the values and actions of a rightwing group who aim to control the way the world operates. By pumping significant amounts of cash into quasi-charities and front organisations they seek to influence governments.  
What is becoming clear, much to the disgust of these shadowy figures, is just how influential they are in the present government. In addition to having Baroness Thatcher as a patron, Hague, Osborne, Gove and Grayling have all been members of the Atlantic Bridge Advisory Board. Funnily enough, Hague was keen to put some distance between himself and Werritty when challenged about it today. Odd that. That’s politics for you. Best mates one week - a pariah the next.
Throw Mossad into the pot and it all becomes very Smiley-esque. Just who is running the UK and who is really behind policy decisions? Ordinary voters do not have one iota of the influence these hedge fund operators and arms dealers* have. 
The government will find the collateral damage from this affair hard to contain. 
It is a reminder to voters just what a sleazy, sneaky and nasty party the Tories are. 
  • Just what sort of people become arms dealers? Car manufacturers make cars in the knowledge that across the world thousands of people will die in car accidents. But that is not their purpose. They aim to move people around as safely as possible and work hard to reduce danger by introducing crumple zones etc. An arms dealer knows he is selling weapons with the sole purpose of killing people. They will try and dress it up as ‘defence’ but the bottom line is killing people. They make money out of the misery of others. They rate among the nastiest specimens on the planet. 

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