Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Brazil Humiliated

Having watched Brazil cheat their way past Croatia with the help of a pressured ref and having seen them kick and foul their way onward, last night was rather special. As an atheist the instant karma was quite amazing. Fernandinho had been given license to commit GBH on Columbia’s brilliant young player so all the talk of Neymar being assaulted was just so much bollocks. Watching the fervour with which the Brazilian team belted out the anthem was unsettling - they seemed too hyped up. They were the better team for all of ten minutes. Germany recovered their poise and began to pass their way through a non-existent defence. As soon as Germany scored, Brazil went to pieces. The assassin Fernandinho was dreadful. The next twenty minutes were the most incredible as Brazil transformed themselves from a semi-final team in the World Cup to a junior school XI playing on the local park. 

GMonet had this to say at Guardian Online
“Brilliant. What a disgrace this Brazil side has been all tournament -  cynical, cheating, fouling, cowardly, technically poor, badly organised, reliant on home-town refs since game one... Joga bonito my arse. Tonight's humiliation was their just desserts.
Brazil fans may cry about how Neymar was fouled out of the tournament, but Brazil brought that particular kicking-match on themselves. For every kick Neymar got, James Rod got two. Besides, Neymar on his best day wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference to the result. Thiago Silva might have shored things up a little bit, but watching on he was probably glad to be suspended. As it was, ruthlessly efficient and razor-sharp, Germany showed them up as the chumps they are. Kroos, Muller, Lahm and Khedira in particular were imperious tonight. Schurrle too when he came on - that finish for 7 was lovely. It's their final to lose now.
For Brazil, PSG's decision to give 50 million pounds for that clown David Luiz appears the definition of 'more money than sense', more than ever now. He should have been sent off or dragged off in the first half. And Fred - has there ever been a worse Brazilian international number 9? Hopeless. Marcelo too, how many laughable penalty claims can one player claim before a ref books him? Chumps to a man.
Good riddance to them.”

Another comment made the point that at least Fred had more touches last night than in previous matches as he had to kick off each time Germany scored. 

The big question is whether all the indignation and anger at the unfairness and corruption involved in Brazil getting the tournament - at a very high price - will come roaring back. 

They spent billions to be humiliated. 

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