Thursday, 24 July 2014


What have the following got in common? 

Operation Rainbow
Operation Summer Rains
Operation Autumn Clouds
Operation Hot Winter

They are all ‘Hello Sky, Hello Trees’ euphemisms for the slaughter of hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children. These operations took place between 2004 and  2008. At least 719 Palestinians were killed at a cost to the Israelis of 13 soldiers and 6 civilians.

By 2008 it was clear the pleasant names were not working. Hamas continued to aim glorified fireworks at Israel. 

‘Operation Cast Lead’ came into being in 2008. It should more accurately have been called Operation Cast White Phosphorous. It outdid all the previous operations in one go. At least 1417 Palestinians were killed at a cost of 13 Israeli soldiers and 3 civilians. 

To add to the chaos and complexity, the Palestinians had a civil war in 2007 between the supporters of Fatah and the followers of Hamas. At least 1400 Palestinians died. Israel began a total blockade of Gaza. The blockade continues to this day and is the cause of much Palestinian anger, despair and frustration. 

By 2012 it was time for yet another go at pest control. Enter Operation Pillar of Defence/Operation Returning Echo where a further 177 Palestinians were killed along with 2 Israeli soldiers and 4 civilians. 

It is now 2014 and here we go again. This time the stated reason was the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers. The ongoing daily assaults, imprisonments and occasional killings of Palestinian teenagers and children prior to this event did not count. For as Rabbi Ya’acov said, “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”

As of today the current total killed in 2014 is 714 Palestinians - which includes many children. Not to mention the thousands of wounded and damaged. The death of 4 boys playing on a beach last week alerted the world to the fact that all the talk of Israel taking great care to avoid civilian casualties was bullshit. Deeply cynical bullshit.

The lack of action from Israel’s chief sponsor, financier and arms supplier, the USA,  has, as ever, been pathetic. The powerful Jewish lobby in the States exercises tremendous influence on party politicians - not forgetting the money. President ‘No We Can’t’ Obama has wilted like his predecessors.

The same lobby operates here in the UK producing the crazy notion of ‘equivalence.’ ‘Call Me Hypocritical’ Cameron has much to say about Putin’s Russia while continuing to flog them arms. He says very little about Israel - apart from messages of support - while continuing to flog them arms…. 

Much of the BBC coverage has been risible. Do the sums. See the dead and injured children. Then watch/hear the BBC treat Israeli propagandists with far too much respect and regard. Watch/hear the reverent coverage of an Israeli funeral. 

For a more accurate view watch Channel 4 News - they have Jon Snow on the ground in Gaza. They do not take what the Israeli mouth merchants say at face value. They challenge them to justify killing children. They ask hard questions of both sides. They show hospitals under attack. They talk to doctors desperate for medical resources to help them cope. They discuss the way the Israeli blockade keeps those essential medicines out of Gaza. They portray Gaza as it is - a hellhole under occupation and attack by a far superior force.

Where will it end? 

Perhaps the Israelis should bite the bullet and remove this running sore from their borders? 

The Israeli military and government may want to consider an appropriate title for their action. How about ‘Operation Final Solution?’ 

That rings a bell.

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