Monday, 14 July 2014

Tory reshuffle


PR Dave has had a bright wheeze. With less than a year to go to the day of reckoning, he realised that his toff dominated Cabinet was predominantly white, wealthy and male. Hmmm. Time for some outside the box, clear blue sky thinking, run it up the flagpole bollocks. 

PR Dave currently runs a cabinet of all the talents. Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Andrew Lansley all worship at the feet of media maestro Murdoch. Mind you so did Dave until all this nasty hacking business came out. Grant Shapps is clearly internet-savvy - just don’t ask him about his alter ego ‘Michael Green’. Ken Clarke is in bed with the transatlantic trade deal currently slithering through to the detriment of democracies everywhere. Ken also is an expert on tobacco, being paid handsomely  for his talent (aka ‘address book’). Maude, Grayling and Gove are all authorities in milking the expenses system for all it is worth - as is LibDem Laws who must have some very influential friends in his party. Little Willy Hague had to turn down vast sums he was accumulating from the business world when he became a minister. Bless. 
Then there is Gorgeous George and his remarkable capacity for fiction. Not forgetting the remarkable I.D. S. 

“He has a monumental achievement under his belt.
He has substantially wrecked the social security system, introduced the idea that work, however hard and fast you do it, does not imply receiving payment and has made claiming back any money from the system into which you may have paid your entire, hardworking, striving life, for whatever terminal illness may have caused your need or however desperate your plight, so shameful that the question of whether we should even have a social safety-net at all can now be asked and substantial numbers of voters are likely to say, "No, we are happy to watch our fellow Britons starve and die on the streets".
Iain Duncan Smith, for all his stupidity and lies, must be one of the heroes of neoliberalism.
Along with Andrew Lansley and Jeremy Hunt, who have pushed through the privatisation of the NHS - something which we thought we were being promised would not happen by Cameron before the election, but when £5 million in donations to the Tory Party buys £5 billion worth of privatised NHS contracts, was that ever really likely? - neoliberalism is in the ascendant.
For anyone cheering this, just remember that privatisation does not lead to better services, nor does it mean that once profiteers are making a fast buck from public services, you will see a reduction in income tax or National Insurance payments.
All it means is that your tax money, instead of going to the state to pay for things which benefit the people at large, simply goes into the offshore tax-haven accounts of crony corporations, cosied up and embedded in the government.
In fact, here is a quick ready-reckoner.
Do you pay tax? Is it taken out of your pay-packet automatically, whether you like it or not? Then neoliberalism and the capture of the state was not intended to benefit you. In fact, you are just the poor schmuck paying for it, so the ultra-rich can enjoy their splendid lifestyles.” 
Election2015UK Guardian online

‘Worst PM ever’ PR Dave is a proven liar.
  1. No top down reorganisation of the NHS.
  2. Greenest Government ever……
  3. Most open government ever …. tell that to Edward Snowden - who is appalled at the DRIP Bill being rushed through parliament this week - which despite PR Dave’s claims, introduces even further surveillance powers. Fancy that. 

This reshuffle is an exercise in PR - it has nothing to do with improving governance.. ..After 4 long years PR Dave has realised that his party is short of women at the highest level. Perhaps Bullingdon behaviour doesn't help.

 * Thanks to Domesticextremist for the Sun style headline

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