Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Toxic Tories

Sod the needy - feed the greedy - Iain Duncan Smith + Chums

It is reported that Gove had to go because he was ‘too toxic’ for the voters. Really? 

From this pale, stale and male Cabinet there are surely many of Gove’s colleagues who match him for toxicity. 

The released report yesterday showed that nearly 60% of those affected by the pernicious Bedroom Tax are in arrears or unable to pay the tax. Universal Credit has been estimated by that famous socialist rag - the Economist - that it will not be fully introduced until 2614. Yes. That is right. 600 years before the scheme is rolled out to all those eligible at current rate of progress. There are many other examples of just what a giant balls up Iain Duncan Smith is making of ‘welfare.’ Yet he stays!

Lucky Expenses Fiddler Frances Maude has alienated most of the people he comes into contact with - particularly the civil service and public sector workers. Still in post.

Chris Grayling aka ‘book banner’ also has form in the expenses stakes and is spectacularly useless at the department of Justice. Still there. 

Gorgeous George who talks such twaddle about the economy and is a massive hypocrite - all that guff about being hard on tax avoidance -  while rewarding those who avoid paying tax! - is not only still in post, according to the scribes who feed on Westminster crumbs - he is now stronger than ever. Heaven help us.

Jeremy Hunt continues to prime the NHS for sell off to the private medicine behemoths he has so assiduously courted. Loathsome yet undisturbed.

Good riddance to Gove, Little Willy Hague, Andrew ‘truly dreadful’ Lansley and particularly friend of the landed gentry, bee-poisoner, badger slaughterer and all round idiot,  Patterson. 

All toxic just like their noxious chums above.

Sad to see you go: Dominic Grieve - a man of honour who was a supporter of the Human Rights Act and respected by all sides of the House. 
He had to go because he wasn’t toxic enough.

PR Dave has got all of his ducks lined up - as advised by the Australian Wormtongue Crosby. [He really is toxic] 

Now it is up to all of us to shoot them down.

Sod the Needy - Feed the Greedy - The Toxic Tories.

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