Monday, 7 July 2014

Nasty Tories


Michaelsylvain had this to say about the current state of our political elite in a Guardian Online comment:
“Michael Gove is trying to install Carphone Warehouse-founding, former offshore tax-exile David Ross as head of Ofsted - ignoring all of that, he also runs an academy chain. Still, no conflict of interest there - here are some other delightful ongoing tory wheezes from the weekend”
Millions of pounds of taxpayers' money is being spent on a venture capital fund overseen by one of the Conservative Party's biggest donors, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.
The British Business Bank, which is run by the Department for Business, has committed £7.8m to the Dawn Capital II investment fund, Whitehall documents show. Dawn Capital II's parent company is Dawn Capital, whose chairman is Adrian Beecroft. Mr Beecroft has donated more than £700,000 to the Conservative Party, making him eligible for David Cameron's "Leader's Group" of top donors who are granted exclusive access to the Prime Minister.”
Or how about:
“UK Export Finance, a branch of the Department for Business, is risking public funds to provide insurance cover for deals involving the aircraft leasing firm AWAS Aviation Capital Ltd.
The company is backed by Terra Firma, one of the world’s biggest private equity firms which is controlled by Guy Hands.
The financier is a close friend of William Hague. The Foreign Secretary was best man at Mr Hands’ wedding and was paid up to £70,000 a year between 2002 and 2009 for sitting on the “political council” of Terra Firma.

Yasmin Alibhai Brown was also less than happy with the behaviour of the Tory elite. She wrote a powerful piece in the Independent today entitled. ‘There’s a nasty smell in the political air – and it’s coming from the Tories
I honestly don’t see that much difference between corrupt practices at Fifa and these shady arrangements between politicians and their rich mates.
There’s more. We never get to see the shy, veiled backers or get full disclosure on the sly schemes which allow donations to be made to the Tories without scrutiny. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism alleges that the United and Cecil Club in Berkshire funnels cash from unnamed supporters. Several other private clubs, it is believed, do the same. We know how much the trade unions give the Labour party but are not allowed to know how much the Tories get from their tribesmen. Toffs don’t have to be open, don’t explain. Plebs must do both.”

Putting it bluntly - this bunch of slime balls are very busy rewarding their donor chums with big contracts. It stinks of blatant corruption.

Anyone unconvinced should consider how the subsidies given to the very richest of our society have nearly doubled. The owners of grouse moors and other shooting estates have had their subsidy raised from £30 a hectare to £56 a hectare. This money is going to the richest of the rich. 
Meanwhile the poorest and most vulnerable are expected to see their incomes drop and their employment conditions worsened. 

The Tories: nasty, venal and self-serving.


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