Friday, 11 July 2014

Cameron: worst PM ever?


There are several strong contenders for the title ‘worst PM ever.’ Cameron is the 54th PM since the position was established by Robert Walpole back in 1721. Among the giants of British history are Churchill, Pitt the Younger, Lloyd George, Gladstone, Atlee and Thatcher. Of these, Atlee was the least charismatic. He lead a Cabinet full of strong characters which, despite the legacy of a far bigger deficit than that of the 2008 crash, transformed post-war Britain. 

At the other end of the spectrum we have characters like Lord North. A patrician who is renowned as the ‘man who lost America.’ He was also the first PM to lose a ‘no confidence’ vote. It was also suggested that he be put on trial for his conduct of the war of American Independence. Fortunately for Tony Blair, a precedent was not established. Other members of the aristocracy who failed to enthuse historians include Augustus Fitzroy, 3rd Duke of Grafton; Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Roseberry and the 1st Baron Grafton. 

Of the post-war era, Anthony Eden and Alec Douglas-Home are poorly regarded as is Gordon Brown. 19 Prime Ministers have been to Eton.

Then we come to Cameron who says all things to all men to the extent no-one has a clue what he really believes. It is by his actions that he will be judged. And these actions have been execrable.   

‘Cameron - the man who is always looking for a war - be that an actual war in Libya or Syria - for which no expense may be spared, to a war on his own people, the sick, the elderly, the young, the poor, the public sector, the unions. Whilst he wines and dines with dubious foreign supporters and the super-rich, he likes nothing more than turning his Bullingdon viciousness against those he purports to "protect."
He leads the most vindictive right-wing government the UK has seen in living memory, and long beyond. Yet he runs scared of debates in the HoC, in Scotland, the BBC, or other political parties, and the EU. Truly the most god-awful PM it has ever been the misfortune for the UK to be lumbered with.’ TheGreatRonRafferty Guardian Online.

At last weeks Prime Minister’s Questions, Cameron claimed that the NHS being ranked as the best in the world was down to the coalition government. Simple research by Private Eye established that the verdict of ‘best health service’ was based on results from 2010/11. This was well before the shameless introduction of unmanifesto’d ‘reforms’ aka ‘paving the way for sell-off’ and the ensuing chaos in the service. 

Joe Goebbels would approve of Cameron’s Tories' techniques of lying big and lying often. 


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