Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nasty Tory Trophy Pictures

Was the following all his own idea or was it the wheeze of that nice Mr Crosby, the man brought in to make the Tory party even nastier? 
“I just saw the British Prime Minister do something, so appallingly tasteless I could not believe it was happening. BBC News just showed a dawn raid by immigration officers on a well-kept home. So far, so tasteless.
Astonishingly, once the evil foreigners had been herded up and taken off to detention camps, where they risk being beaten up or raped, Teresa May and David Cameron arrived, and posed in the victims’ kitchen for trophy pictures.
I thought that what Blair has done since leaving Downing Street had debased the office of Prime Minister to an astonishing degree. But, posing for a stunt in the neat and clean kitchen of some poor immigrant, David Cameron had plumbed levels of tastelessness that again make me realise that the UK has become a country whose values I no longer recognise. The disgusting complicity of the BBC in filming this stunt is equally astonishing.
Are there really so few people left who have the slightest idea of what constitutes decent human behaviour?” Craig Murray 29/7/14
Like their ancestors before them, there is nothing the Tory Toff loves more than posing with a magnificent creature under their feet. They seem to think it shows them in a good light.
What would show them in a good light would be turning up at the homes of the Libor-fiddling, crash-creating fraud-mongering financiers and watching them get locked up. [Breath not being held - ed]

Finally, at what point will the beeb get off their ‘bendeds’ and re-assert some independence? Or is too late?

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