Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Big Time Charlies

After recent heroics the lacklustre performances from the Home Nations is a reality check for football fans. Wales getting a gubbing in Serbia, England playing poorly at Wembley, Scotland drawing again and even Northern Ireland, playing tiny Luxembourg, could not force a win.

It would have been a different story if the result depended on how much each respective player was paid. England would have stormed it. Maybe the possibility of our so called ‘stars’ being overpaid may cross the mind of even the dimmest fan. 

One of the joys of the last few weeks has been to see genuine heroes in action. Sports people who are brilliant role models. People to admire and to look up to. They are not ‘celebs’ famous for being famous. They are not footballer’s wives. They are not false-breasted women from Essex. They have not belted out an overblown karaoke number on prime time tele. 

They have talent and they have worked hard to achieve their goals. Very hard. 

What an indictment it is of our recent values that young women aspire to be an overpaid numpty’s missus. What an indictment of our popular media who revel in tittle tattle about their shopping and affairs. What an indictment of the morons who buy the papers and watch the crap.

If there is a shift towards valuing talent and hard work then great. 

But do not get too excited.

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