Wednesday, 5 September 2012

One Laws for the elite .

Another for everyone else. Expenses cheat David Laws has been welcomed back into government as a Junior Education Minister. A shining example to schoolchildren across the land. Do two years on the backbenches and your sins are forgiven. 

Laws fiddled his expenses to the tune of £40,000 over 8 years. A not insignificant sum of money. Particularly as he is reported to be a wealthy man. Transpose ‘MP’ with ‘Benefit Fraudster’ and mull that over. Would a benefit cheat who had claimed that amount of money fraudulently be treated with such leniency?

He joins other well-known millionaire cheats such as Maude, Gove and ‘Thrasher’ Mitchell* in the Cabinet of mainly rich, white males. 

Let the booing begin.

* Mitchell gained the nickname at Rugby public school allegedly for the way he treated his fags.

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