Thursday, 20 September 2012

Clueless Clegg

Having lied about the tuition fees pledge before the last election, the LibDems are in trouble. Clueless thought it would be a good wheeze to appear in a party political broadcast and give it the old mea culpa - straight to camera - using the vocal cadence of a sorrowful vicar. Well he was wrong. So very very wrong. It was not just his delivery, which was awful. It is that he has been wrong about several other political matters (Electoral Reform, House of Lords reform and especially the NHS). 

Listening to spokesblokes like Simon Hughes and expenses cheat David Laws does not diminish the anger. It adds fuel to the flames. They are trying hard to construct an image of themselves as the good guys working hard to make Tory policies more reasonable. A quick glance at the story so far shows just what twaddle that is.

Clueless and his clots are going to get a doing at the next election. Such a doing as has not been seen for many a year. It will not be the tuition fee debacle that will slay them - although it does not help - it will be their support for Tory policies. In particular, privatising the NHS. 

Clueless will no doubt move into a bureaucratic, very highly paid job within the European Union when he is booted out. They like a bi-lingual man in a suit in Brussels. Eurocrats do not appreciate appreciate just how loathed clueless is.  For him to move to the EU will cause them collateral damage. However, being even more out of touch with the commonality than our own bubble-dwellers, they probably will not give a monkeys.

In Scotland a Clegg is the name given to a biting insect which is also known as the horsefly. It is a stupid painful nuisance. Stupid because it makes no attempt to disguise it’s bite and is frequently bashed as it bites. In the great scheme of things it serves no useful known purpose. 

                        Thanks to Northeast Wildlife for the image.

Sounds familiar.

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