Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I’m Sorry

Over two years after he broke his pledge not to raise tuition fees, Clueless finally apologised. His party of assorted clots gave a muted response to his Conference presentations. They did not rebel. They have tied themselves to the mast of a sinking wreck drifting towards the rocks. Inside the conference bubble occasional shafts of reality glimmer briefly. A female activist claimed that when they go ‘on the knocker’ they are being received as Tories. Well well well. Fancy that!

It is not the tuition fees that has sunk them - there are plenty of other things to quote at them if the LibDems come a knockin. Here are a few more thanks to  ‘Bullingdonknob’ who commented on the Guardian website today. 

“Here's 26 apologies he owes the country:
Broken promise 1 No frontline cuts
Broken promise 2 Protecting the NHS budget
Broken promise 3 3,000 more police officers
Broken promise 4 Keeping VAT at 17.5%
Broken promise 5 Keeping the Future Jobs Fund
Broken promise 6 Keeping the Education Maintenance Allowances
Broken promise 7 Preserving tax credits for middle earners
Broken promise 8 Removing the "couple penalty"
Broken promise 9 Scrapping tuition fees
Broken promise 10 No bonuses for bank directors.
Broken promise 11 Provide 3,000 more midwives
Broken promise 12 Three more army battalions
Broken promise 13 Pupil Premium additional to the schools budget
Broken promise 14 Keeping Child Benefit universal
Broken promise 15 Stopping A&E and maternity closures
Broken promise 16 A Post Office Bank
Broken promise 17 No cuts to the Royal Navy
Broken promise 18 Cutting rail fares each year
Broken promise 19 Keeping the Child Trust Fund for the poorest families
Broken promise 20 No more top down NHS reorganisations
Broken promise 21 Creating more than 150 new public bodies despite pledging to hold a “bonfire of the quangos”.
Broken Promise 22 "You can read my lips. That is a promise from my heart." Cameron in Opposition promising to look after the elderly, frail, poor and needy" and protect pensioners' benefits
Broken Promise 23 Protect the vital Sure Start service
Broken Promise 24 NHS funding to be reduced by nearly £20billion – despite a vow to increase health spending
Broken Promise 25 The PM promised to give energy regulators more power, but failed to act as Scottish Power announced a £175-a-year price hike.
Broken Promise 26 Pledge to protect the NHS unravelled even further when it was revealed hospital waiting times have soared.”

Their time in government can be summarised as letting the Tories get away with right-wing policies. For all their talk - look at the facts and the impact on the poor and vulnerable. Look how little has been done to get more from the rich. They puff themselves up but they have been putty in the Tories hands - lambs to the slaughter. 

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