Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Osborne Booed

According to the Daily Mirror, Cameron was booed too at the Aquatic Centre last night. He had gone there to bask in the reflected glory of Ellie Simmonds’ magnificent achievement. When his image came up on the big screen boos rang out round the arena. Not what the PR man wanted. As yet there is no footage of this which is a pity. 

Osborne tried to laugh off the booing in the stadium, as though he were a panto villain, but it is an image that has done him and this disreputable bunch real harm. It is a clip that will be played over and over again. It does not take a genius to think through the consequences of cuts to the disabled arousing anger at the Paralympics. What on earth was he doing there? Did he (or his Tucker-lite advisors) think that he would be greeted with acclaim and huzzahs? If so, it shows just how out of touch these toffs are. 

As the rolling announcements of bumshuffling in the Cabinet emerge they pale into insignificance against this dynamite image. 

Every public appearance by these inept toffs should be greeted in a similar fashion.

Boo them. 

Boo them, then boo them again.

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