Thursday, 27 September 2012

There is an alternative

With all three parties singing the same tune albeit with slightly different notes it behoves us all to look elsewhere for solutions to our economic woes. Politics is all about choices and we are being offered a very narrow range of options. Each spokesbod chants the mantra ‘there is no alternative’. 

But there is an alternative as Suzanne Moore pointed out in the Guardian today:

As party leaders congratulate themselves on the tough choices they make, not one will say we are slashing the NHS by precisely the amount the war in Afghanistan costs us. Not one will explain that stopping tax avoidance by the super rich would pay for a functioning welfare system. Instead, we are offered the choice only between who can cut most earnestly and most efficiently.”

Funny how silent all three parties are about making the very rich pay their taxes. It cannot have anything to do with them being in thrall and hock to the bastards can it?

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