Friday, 14 September 2012

Karachi Fire

The next time you hear a Tory MP (and it will almost inevitably be a Tory MP, corpulent, florid and ugly) bemoaning health and safety ‘nazis’, think of this fire where hundreds were trapped in a building without any fire escapes and bars on the windows. A death trap. Any half competent official should have spotted it. In a country with rules and regs the likelihood of this sort of event happening is almost non-existent. The company would have been told to fix it - or else face closure. But in Pakistan they weren’t. 

Chuck in a little corruption with poorly paid inspectors eking out their meagre salaries by taking bribes to look the other way. A result of the race to the bottom, where people scrabble around, desperate to feed their families and prepared to accept lower wages than their neighbour to gain at least some income. Another value of our corpulent Tory - they love the race to the bottom. It means their chums in the City make even more squillions. And some of those squillions will head to their trousers! No shame there.

We have not reached our so-called ‘over-regulated’ society by chance. Every measure, every regulation and every stipulation came about because someone somewhere died through the prioritisation of wealth over welfare. Behind every rule there is a heartbroken family.  

Should the corpulent Tory ever get the courage to speak in public and spout his rubbish, he should be vigorously challenged. Do not expect the BBC or mainstream media to do this - they are tied into the same culture. It falls upon us, as concerned members of the common herd, to do what we can to expose these self-serving creeps. 

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