Saturday, 8 September 2012

Honourable Members

Shabby, shameless and chauvinist are just some of the words used to describe Cameron’s reshuffle. The reduction of women in the cabinet has been accompanied by allegations of tears and wine. The removal of an obstacle to the third runway at Heathrow has not gone down well with suburban tories in SW London, which includes several marginal seats....Replacing the Caroline Spellman as Environmental Minister  with a climate-change denier and  fracker belies every claim to be ‘the greenest government ever’. Getting rid of Lansley despite supporting him fulsomely on many occasions is one thing - replacing him with the slimy sleazy Hunt (aka Minister for Murdoch) is quite another. That he also believes in homeopathy adds further incredulity.

Cameron is reported to have sacked Cheryl Gillan in the Commons while he swilled a glass of red wine. He did not offer her a glass to soften the blow. 

And what of those who have walked the plank? Deemed unfit for office, four of the men are to be rewarded with instant gongs to soften their departure. A much derided system is brought further into disrepute by this sop to the male ego. It is reported in today’s Independent that Cameron has broken his own rules for awarding gongs to politicians. He recently announced the creation of a cross-party Honours Committee that would review and recommend awards to politicians who had demonstrated “selfless commitment for the good of the nation”. Hmmm, that begs an awful lot of questions. 

The Independent has just launched a move to reform our rotten politics - Google Democracy 2015 for further information.

“What did you get your knighthood for grandad?”  

“I got it for being a useless and incompetent minister.” 


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