Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blair and Murdoch
‘Blair denies leaning on Brown to get Tom Watson MP to stop pursuing Murdoch.’ Oh yeah! This is the creep who flew halfway round the world to pay homage at the court of King Rupe in Oz. This is the warmonger who worked with Murdoch to propagandise the awful invasion of Iraq. 
As Henry Porter adds in today’s Observer,  “It was galling last week to listen to the likes of Lord Falconer, Tessa Jowell and Alastair Campbell pronounce on the shortcomings of the press without for one moment acknowledging New Labour's part in the creation of the incubus that was Murdoch's power. .... let's not forget that a journalist, not Lord Falconer or Alastair Campbell, was responsible for exposing the scandal.”
From Thatcher onwards, Murdoch has exerted a baleful influence on the higher reaches of our democracy. It was pointed out on Radio 4 yesterday that despite sharing frequent dinners, weekend gatherings and many other social occasions with Murdoch, he did not get one mention in her autobiography. Odd that.
Another insight comes from the departure of Blair.  “Guests streaming out of No 10 on a sunny evening in May 2007, after a farewell party hosted by the departing Tony Blair, may have noticed a black Bentley outside No 11. The windows were blacked out. "Murdoch," said my partner Jonathan Powell, Blair's former chief of staff. Of course! Hardly had Tony Blair packed his bags than Rupert had dropped round to see the new man, Gordon Brown.” Sarah Helm Observer 10/7/11
As the Murdoch name is now so toxic, all these two-faced creeps who once ruled us are disassociating themselves from the brand. One of the proposed Enquiries should look into the way our political class prostrated themselves before King Rupe. 

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  1. It must of course be another Tony Blair who leant on Signor Prodi to allow the Italians the benefit of further Murdoch TV channels (mind I suppose it might be marginally preferable to Berlusconi-vision).